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Memorandum Circulars - 1994

94-001 13-Jan-94 Consolidated Guidelines on Fare Discounts to Students, Elderly/Senior Citizens, and Disabled Persons
94-002 19-Jan-94 Sanctions on Operations Arising from Violations of their Drivers
94-003 16-Feb-94 Replacement of PU Minica Service by 4-door Sedan Type Taxis
94-004 10-Feb-94 Smoke-belching PUV's and Sanctions Thereon
94-005 9-Mar-94 Revocation of Memorandum Circular No. 93-005 Re: Submission of Motor Vehicle Inspection Reports
94-006 12-Apr-94 Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 94-001 (Consolidated Guidelines on Fare Discounts to Students, Elderly/Senior Citizens, and Disabled Persons
94-007 9-Jun-94 Accident Reports
94-007A 25-Jul-94 Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 94-007 (Accident Reports)
94-008 10-Jun-94 Certification Fees
94-009 22-Jun-94 Compliance with the Temporary Restraining Order Issued by the Supreme Court in G.R. No. 115381
94-010 21-Jun-94 Requirements for Bus Terminals
94-011 31-Aug-94 Non-Acceptance of Application for Extension of Validity of Expired CPC
94-012 23-Sep-94 Applicant's Tax Identification Number (TIN)
94-013 29-Sep-94 Supervision Fees for Region III
94-014 17-Oct-94 Acceptance of Franchise Applications During the Pendency of Supreme Court Case G.R. No. 115381 and Cases that may be Exempted from DOTC Department Order No. 94-795
94-790 6-May-94 Amendment to Department Order No. 92-668
94-791 12-May-94 Implementing Guidelines/Policies on the Authorization of PUJ/UV Shuttle Services
94-795 1-Jun-94 Moratorium on the Acceptance of Applications for Certificates of Public Convenience by the LTFRB
94-815 7-Sep-94 Lifting of Moratorium on Taxi Service Applications