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Memorandum Circulars - 1998

98-001 19-Jan-98 Posting Mmtag Operation Center Telephone Numbers
98-002 20-Jan-98 Vehicles for Hire
98-003 20-Jan-98 Shuttle Service
98-004 20-Jan-98 Tourist Transport Services
98-005 School Transport Services
98-005A 26-Aug-98 Amendment to Memo Circular No. 98-005 (School Transport Services)
98-006 5-Feb-98 Revocation of Memorandum Circular No. 97-012 (AUVs Operating as Taxis)
98-007A 24-Feb-98 Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 98-007 (Expired CPCs of PUB's in Metro Manila)
98-007B 2-Apr-98 Amendment to Memo Circular Nos. 98-007 and 98-007A (Expired CPCs of PUB's in Metro Manila)
98-008 17-Feb-98 Mega Taxi
98-009 12-Mar-98 Public Utility Bus (PUB)
98-010 12-Mar-98 Public Utility Mini Bus
98-011 Public Utility jeepney
98-011A 3-Apr-98 Amendment to Memo Circular No. 98-011 (Public Utility Jeepney)
98-012 12-Mar-98 Taxi
98-013 12-Mar-98 Public Utility Double Decker Bus
98-014 12-Mar-98 Public Utility Articulated Buses
98-015 24-Mar-98 Simultaneous Blowing of Horns of all Public Utility Vehicles at About 4:55pm on 12 June 1998
98-016 30-Mar-98 Amendments to Memo Circular No. 96-008 and Memo Circular No. 97-011-A
98-017 30-Mar-98 Partial Conversion of AUV CPCs Into other Appropriate CPCs
98-018 2-Apr-98 Acceptance of Applications For Public utility Articulated Bus
98-019 14-Apr-98 Closure of Routes Along Quirino Highway, Novaliches
98-020 16-Apr-98 Publication of Notice of Hearing
98-021 21-Apr-98 Special Permit for Bus Operation on the Line Monumento-Baclaran via Rizal and Taft Avenues
98-022 24-Jun-98 Opening of Cubao-Divisoria Route to Airconditioned PUJ Service
98-023 21-Jul-98 Classification of Vans ans Stations Wagons under Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ) "Body Make"
98-024 28-Jul-98 Nationwide Inventory of all Franchised, Registered and Operational Ordinary and Aircon Passenger Buses
98-025 7-Sep-98 Issuance of Provisional Authority to Petition for Extension of validity of CPC
98-026 24-Sep-98 Non-Acceptance of PUV Applications to Operate in Baguio City and other Areas in Region 1
98-027 25-Sep-98 Franchise for Dump Truck and other Private Vehicles used as "For Hire"
98-028 25-Sep-98 Closure of Guadalupe-FTI and Alabang-GMA Via Expressway PUJ Routes
98-029 6-Oct-98 Closure of Nia Village-Mindanao Ave., PUJ Route