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Memorandum Circulars - OTHERS

2000-002 28-Jan-00 Taxi Color
2000-003 24-Feb-00 Passenger Accident Insurance Requirement For PUV Operators
2000-004 6-Mar-00 Implementing Guidelines for Taxi Units for Department Order No. 96-963
2000-005 6-Mar-00 Amendment to Memo Circular No. 88-0015 Dated May 18, 1988 Re-confirmation of Units
2000-006 6-Mar-00 Exempting Region 7 From Coverage of Memorandum Circular Nos. 96-015 and 99-002
2000-007 Temporary Exemption of TH Service from the Coverage of Memorandum Circular No. 99-011
2000-008 27-Mar-00 Coversion to Filcab Service
2000-009 27-Mar-00 Taxi Color of Operators whose Franchises Will Expire on Year 2000
2000-010 31-Mar-00 Amending Memorandum Circular No. 99-011 (Passenger Accident Insurance Requirement for PUV Operators)
2000-011 3-May-00 Clarification on Memorandum Circular No. 2000-009
2000-012 10-May-00 New Applications for Provincial PUB Routes Entering Metro Manila
2000-013 29-May-00 Procedure and Policy for the Franchising of Buses on Identified Provincial Routes Entering Metro Manila
2000-013A 1-Jun-00 Addendum to Memorandum Circular No. 2000-013 for Routes/Lines South of Metro Manila to Be Opened For CPC Application
2000-013B 19-Jun-00 Pending Applications On The Routes/Lines Opened For Applications Under Memorandum Circular No. 2000-013A
2000-013C 28-Aug-00 Amending/Modifying Memo Circular No. 2000-013A With Respect to CPC Applications on Provincial Routes North of Metro Manila To Balintawak (Quezon City)
2000-014 31-May-00 Requiring All Operators Of Public Utility Vehicles To Place Markings On Both Sides of Their Units
2000-014A 27-Jun-00 Clarification on Memorandum Circular No. 2000-014 Dated May 31, 2000
2000-015 20-Jul-00 Amending Memorandum Circular No. 94-004 (Smoke-Belching PUVs And Sanctions Thereon)
2000-016 25-Jul-00 Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 2000-014 And Memorandum Circular No. 2000-014A
2000-017 8-Aug-00 Designation of Priority/Express Lane and Installation of A Diaper-Changing Table Inside the Restroom within the Bus Terminals
2000-018 15-Aug-00 Deffering the Implementation of Memorandum Circular No. 2000-015 (Smoke-Belching PUVs and Sanction Thereon)
2000-019 13-Sep-00 Acceptance of Application For The Legalization of Operations of Taxi Units Within Baguio City which were Issued Franchises in Violation of the Provisions of C.A. 146 as Amended known as the "Public Service Act"
2000-020 30-Oct-00 Suspension of Implementation of Memo Circular Nos. 2000-014A and 2000-016 Otherwise known as the Markings Requirement For All PUVs
2000-021 29-Dec-00 Applications For Appropriation of Abandoned and Expired Certificates of Public Convenience
2000-022 29-Dec-00 Acceptance of Applications to Operate Taxi Service With Minimum Use of Fifty (50) Units
MC No . 2015-004 January 26,2015 Supplement to MC No. 2009-029 Re: Year Model Proposed as Substitute for authorized Taxi units Specifically the Provision on the required specification measurement of Taxi units