The Board adopts the 2020 Citizen’s Charter (2nd Edition) and implements the same effective 29 March 2021. All other issuances inconsistent with the provisions contained therein are deemed modified or superseded accordingly.

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External Services
Transactions Without Hearing
Simple Transactions
Releasing of Decisions/Orders
Request for Franchise Verification
Request for Certified True Copy
Petition for Change of Name Due to Change of Civil Status
Notice for Correction of Typographical Errors in the Decision
Notice of Change Engine
Request for Special Trip for Special Occasions
Request for Inspection, Testing, Sealing/Resealing of Taxi Unit/s
Request to Surrender Plate/s of Unit/s
Complex Transactions
Confirmation of Units and Issuance of Confirmation Certificate Sticker
Request for Clearance of Accounts
Highly Technical Transactions
Petition for Special Permit during Special Holidays
Petition for Adoption of Trade Name
Petition for Authority to Install Advertising Signs on Authorized Unit/s
Petition for Cancellation of Franchise
Petition for Change of Venue of LTO Registration
Petition for Dropping of Unit/s
Petition for Dropping and Substitution of Unit/s
Petition for Registration in Lieu of Authorized Unit/s
Petition for Re-registration of Unit/s
Petition for Upgrade/Downgrade of Unit/s
Petition to Withdraw Application
Petition for Special Permit in the Interim
Request for Inspection of Unit/s
Request for Inspection of Garage
Request for Route Survey/Revalidation
Enlistment to Driver's Academy
Transactions With Hearing
Highly Technical Transactions Which Require the Exercise of Quasi-Judicial Function
Issuance of a New Certificate of Public Convenience
Extension of Validity of a Certificate of Public Convenience
Modification of Route
Change of Name (Corporation, Partnership, Cooperative)
Consolidation of Cases
Adoption of Color Scheme
Change of Party Applicant
Petition for Fare Adjustment
Contest/Opposition to Applications
Filing of Motions
Opening of Qualification Documents Under the Omnibus Franchising Guidelines & Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP)
Opening of Qualification Documents of the Proposed Premium Point-to-Point Bus Services
Adjudication of Apprehended Vehicles in Violation of JAO 2014-001
Preparation of Payment for General Services
Preparation of Payment for Infrastructure Project
Preparation of Payment for Lot Purchase
Preparation of Payment for Supplies through Public Bidding
Internal Services
Simple Transactions
Leave Administration
Supply Management
Issuance of Service Records and other Certification
Request for Reproduction of Documents
Preparation for Recognition of Commendable Acts
Issuance of Payment Order Slip for Refund of Cash Advance for Travel
Procurement of Goods Thru Negotiated Procurement – Small Value Procurement
Procurement of Printing Services from Recognized Government Printers (RGPS) Thru Agency to Agency Mode of Procurement
Procurement of Goods Thru Shopping 52.1B
Request for Franchise Verification
Request for Certified True Copy
Complex Transactions
Hiring of Employee/s
Certification of Funds Availability for Purchase Request
Certification of Funds Availability for Contract of Service or Job Order
Certification of Funds Availability for the Contract of Public Bidding
Procurement Process for Goods Thru Public Bidding (1 Million and above)
Data Management
Highly Technical Transactions
Request for Repairs and Maintenance
Payroll Preparation for Payment of Compensation and Benefits
Payroll Preparation for Payment of Regular Job Order and Contract of Service
Payroll Preparation for Payment of Special Project Job Order and Contract of Service
Feedback Mechanism
Processing of Complaints Received
List of Offices