In the matter of Petition for Increase/Adjustment Of Fare Airconditioned Taxi Service With Prayer for a Provisional Fare Increase/Adjustment.

  • Philippine National Taxi Operators’ Association, Inc. (PNTOA)
  • Metro Cebu Taxi Operators Association, Inc.
  • Association of Taxi Operators of Panay, Inc.
  • RLC Ubercabs, Inc.

In view of all the foregoing, and by virtue of Sec. 16 (c) of CA 146, otherwise known as Public Service Act, as amended, and Section 5 (c) of Executive Order No. 202, the Board En Banc resolves to GRANT the Increase of Fare Rates for Taxi and Airport Taxi Services.

Kindly see the attached copy of the signed Decision of the Board dated 16 September 2022 under Case No. 2022-0692.