The regulatory land transportation dates back to the early 1900s. The LTFRB therefore, is a product of a series of transformations. The evolutionary progression runs as thus:

  • Coastwise Rate Commission – November 17, 1902
  • Supervising Railway Expert – June 29, 1906
  • Board of Public Utility Commissioners – December 19, 1913
  • Public Utilities Commission – March 9, 1917
  • Public Service Commission – 1926
  • Specialized Regulatory Boards – 1972
  • Board of Transportation – 1979
  • Land Transportation Commission (BOT & BLT) – 1985
  • Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board – 1987

Ensure that the commuting public has adequate, safe, convenient, environment-friendly and dependable public land transportation services at reasonable rates through the implementation of land-based transportation policies, programs, and projects responsive to an investment-led and demand-driven industry.

World-class land transportation services contributing to the over-all development of the country, improvement of the socio-economic status of its stakeholders, and promotion of the welfare of the general public.

To promulgate, administer, enforce, and monitor compliance of policies, laws, and regulations of public land transportation services.