Region 6, as of November 27, 2017 on the Driver’s Academy has had a total of 45 Classes and with a total so far of around 7000 participants more or less in just 3 months time feedback has been very good from the media & from the riding public nothing beats educating are drivers, Operations also on anti-colorum was never an look up  for Region 6 despite the lack of an impounding area..

To date as per record 364 apprehensions have been made in just 180 days  colorum vehicles included, collections in the Region have increased by around 2 million through intensified operations, but inspite of all the hard work LTFRB 6 still finds time to give back to mother earth by doing its share in tree planting. Whats makes it even better the operators, transport groups help in making the event successful…

But still a lot has to be done… Key word: CONSISTENCY.. GOD BLESS US ALL.. PARA SA BAYAN!!!

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– LTFRB, November 27, 2017