Due to reclassification of the National Capital Region (NCR) from Enhanced Community Quarantine to General Community Quarantine starting June 1, 2020, the Legal Division shall now adopt revised process on dealing with the transactions before the Board to conform with the new normal.

Hereunder are the dates of on line hearings of Applications, Complaints, Apprehension cases scheduled by the Legal Division:

□ For En Banc Cases

□ For Regular Applications

□ For TNVS Applications

□ For IRS/ Apprehension Cases

□ For Complaint Cases

All concerns related to the lists above, and to all other issues and concerns you may communicate the same at LegalConcern@http://ltfrb.gov.ph.

As to the Orders of Provisional Authority and Extension of Provisional Authority, the following are the lists of the said Orders, which shall be sent to applicant/grantees electronic mail address


For those applicant’s with Provisional Authority above listed with no electronic mail address on record, kindly provide this Board of your mobile number and e-mail address with corresponding Case Number of your application by sending the same at LegalConcern@ltfrb.gov.ph.

Further, announcements or clarifications shall be issued by the Legal Division of this Board from time to time to conform with the demands of our stakeholders.