It has come to the attention of the Board that certain TNCs will be implementing a new policy of imposing Cancellation and No-Show fees to riders who cancel their books and fail to show up at the pick-up point within five (5) minutes upon arrival of their TNVS booking. Though, said fees are not part of the usual fare structure, Other Related Charges such as these fees, may still be regulated by the Board pursuant to its powers and functions under E.O. 202.

To address this and related issue cancelled bookings, forth on the part of the passengers and drivers, the Board will convene a Technical Working Group to address the issue to ensure that PUVs/TNCs charge only fair and reasonable fares.

In view of the powers and functions of the Board under Executive Order No. 202, to determine, prescribe and approve and periodically review and adjust, reasonable fares, rates and other related charges, relative to the operation of public land transportation services provided by motorized vehicles, you are hereby ENJOINED from imposing Cancellation and No-Show Fees, pending the Board’s decision to the matter.

    1. Hype Transport Systems, Inc.
    2. Hirna Mobility Solutions Inc.
    3. Go Lag, Inc.
    4. Ipara Technologies and Solutions, Inc.
    5. Micab Systems Corporation
    6. E-Pick Me Up Inc.
    7. Aztech Solution International Corp.
    8. Ryd Global Inc.
    9. MyTaxi.PH, Inc.
    10. U-Hop Transportation Network Vehicle System, Inc.